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\"최홍희 총재는 민족주의자\" 정우진 회... OCT. 28 2017 김준성기자 무카서 9-2000년 최홓희,김운용,총재 정우진눈.
You are a great man, with so much passion. Keep up the good wo... OCT. 27 2017 gladys njoroge . gaborone Botswana Afria
Dr. Grandmaster Jung: I came across some articles regarding... OCT. 24 2017 fomer tkd student latter wha.....
창섭 정우진 관장님의 노하우를 얻는 자리에 ... OCT. 19 2017 신창섭 원장 seoul korea
Gm Jung was at his best at his Instructors` Certification Sem... OCT. 13 2017 GM,dave Ford coggn.IA
Larry Chmelicek Grand Master 8th Dan Thursday, 10/5/17, 9:43 A... OCT. 13 2017 gm ,Larry chmelicel
세계 태권도 연합 GK사범 태권도를 위해 평생... OCT. 09 2017 gyung kun lee, ATA little rock,AR
한혜진 기자 님 의 좋은소식 고맙습니다..., 우... OCT. 09 2017 boby kim
Grandmaster Jung had a very passionate seminar on Saturday S... OCT. 04 2017 GM. Andrew johnson
thank you GM Jung for the seminar today. It is good to learn ... OCT. 04 2017 judy A-B