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NAME sung son yu. anchoroge.alaska
Sung Son Yu Wow!!! I remember watching USA-SOUTH KOREA-NORTH KOREA’s FLAG stand together on Tae Kwon Do uniform at 38th parallel, DMZ in 2006. This amazing peace and friendship event was only possible through Tae Kwon Do spirit lead by GM Jung and Tae Kwon Do pioneers
gathered together at DMZ from all over the world to wish and hope to build peace and friendship among these three countries through Tae Kwon Do! 12 years later, North and South Korea’s President met together and negotiation had taken in exact same place at DMZ between USA, North Korea, and South Korea. Peace is not something that is granted. It takes lots of hard work!!!! Thank you GM Jung and TKD pioneers for your courage! I hope, wish and prey peace in the world!