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Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree.

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Not Always Blue Skies

It is nice to have nice things. But it should not be what makes you happy. You should search for your happiness within yourself and the people around you. You should surround yourself with good friends, good family and you should choose them not because of what they have or where they are in life, but because they make you happy.
Life is not always blue skies. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it snows. You have to adapt. Make your own happiness with the people around you and you make your own blue skies every day.

우리 인생은 항상 푸른 하늘은 아니다

날시가 좋을 때도 있지만 비도오구. 덥고. 춥고. 습도높고. 번개 천둥 치고. 전기 나가고. 다치고 .사고도나고.

싸움도하고. 저주도받고. 욕도듣고. 원수도 생기고. 사기도 고소도. 자신감도업구.돈도없구 괘롭고 짜정도 나구

인민군은 피리불며 내려오고. 애는울고. 배는고프고.빤서껀은 끈어지구  설사는나구.…이겄을 설기롭게 풀어갈때 삶의 재미가 있겠지 .