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Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree.

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Wake Up! The Party’s Over

For the last two decades in the U.S., we have watched as people needed more and more in their lives. They needed more inches on their TVs, bigger SUVs, more square footage for their homes, and more gadgets than you can shake a stick at. It never ends, no matter what you have, you always need more.

We are leaving an age of excess, a time of overspending and overneeding. Remember when only one person had to work to support an entire family? For the majority of us, that is not even possible. And do you know what part of the reason is for that? You. Plain and simple. Not just you, but me too. We all get so caught up in “keeping up with the Jones’” we forget  that we used to live with only one home phone and one car, and we were perfectly happy then. We forget that the stuff that makes up happy, actually isn’t STUFF. It is people and experiences.
So maybe you won’t be able to keep that iPhone, but you still get to talk to your friends every day. Remember the good things you have in life. And you will be rich forever.

정신 차려라 좋은 때는지났다.

거품 경재는 지났다. 도전 하고 겸손 하고 검소 하여라