Woo-jin Jung


October 24, 2015

Main Dojang

Temporary Black Belt



I started taekwondo on October 26, 2013. I started for the same reason that a lot people start taekwondo. I started because taekwondo looked cool and I thought it would be fun. And that is true: taekwondo is cool and it is fun, but that is not why I continue.

I continue taekwondo because a number of bad things about my life changed after I started. Before I started, I had no true friends and I was bored almost all of the time. I was very bad about my school and my chores; I was not diligent about it and I could not concentrate. I also had a lot of discipline issues. I had a bad attitude towards my family and I told lots of lies. But that all changed after I started taekwondo.

Taekwondo has also helped me gain self-confidence. Psalm 3:6 says, “I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people, who have set themselves against me round about. “ Taekwondo has truly helped me to believe that.

I also use taekwondo at home too. When I am sick or I am feeling down I practice my taekwondo until I feel energetic and happy again. Tae kwon do has a way of making me feel confident and strong inside. Taekwondo has become a complete part of my life. I am constantly thinking about Mr. Jung, my instructors, and my friends at taekwondo and I look forward to seeing them each afternoon.

I would like to thank my parents, my instructors, and my friends for helping me get to this point. I would also like to give a very special thanks to Mr. Jung for everything he has done for me. I absolutely could not have made it to this point without him. Thank you so much: Pil Sung and komsomnedah.