Woo-jin Jung

New Life Fitness World & TKD Ribbon cutting


Mr. Woojin Jung invites construction workers and their families to participate in the first ribbon cutting of New Life Fitness World & TKD in South Carolina 1979-2005. Mr. Jung wished to show his appreciation for the workers and to inspire pride in their hard work by giving a tour to their children and family members. They were given the first honor of the Grand Opening and then there would also be a formal Grand Opening held for the Chamber of Commerce and members.

헬스크럽 공사가 완공되면 노동자와 가족이 리본을 짜러면서 당신남편과 너의아버지가 만들엊다 큰박수를 칩시다.어떤 노동자 부인는 울면서 자식에게 체통이 오늘 처음섰다고…. 약자와 정의가 우선!!!