Woo-jin Jung


Honoring Edward Brightstar

Edward Brightstar received a plaque for doing something not seen in over sixty years of Grandmaster Jung teaching Taekwondo. He selflessly postponed testing for orange belt so that his younger brother, Jackson Brightstar, could catch up to him so that they could continue on to orange belt together. Grandmaster Jung was so impressed by Edward’s…

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First Time Mookas News interviews Grandmaster Woojin Jung May 21,2022

처음으로 국내와 전세계 태권도인 들과 60년 경험담을 토론하기 위해 5월 21일(토요일)에 대담회를 엽니다. (밑을 참조) For the first time, I will have a interview with all the Taekwondo people. It will be held on May 21, 2022. (more information down below). https://mookas.com/news/18426 (Mookas article) Interview Article  1 Interview Article 2

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putin honorary presidency status taken by international judo federation

Feb 27 (Reuters) – Russian president Vladimir Putin has been suspended as honorary president of the International Judo Federation (IJF), the sport’s governing body announced on Sunday, because of his invasion of Ukraine. Russia’s invasion by land, air and sea on Thursday followed a declaration of war by Putin. A judo blackbelt, the 69-year-old is…

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Putin has honorary black belt taken by world taekwondo

world Taekwondo has withdrawn an honorary ninth-dan black belt belonging to Russian President Vladimir Putin in response to the invasion of Ukraine. Taekwondo’s global governing body has also banned Russian and Belarusian flags and national anthems from its events. Neither it or the European Taekwondo Union will recognise taekwondo events organised in Russia and Belarus,…

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Special Promotion Testing 9th, 8th Dan #286 October 9th, 2021

Jungs Taekwondo dojang 49 years in the same location. October 9th 2nd time Grandmaster test – Historical event!!!!! Corona virus caused a lot of stress we are ready for new Taekwondo spirit – energy – kick out virus. We are regular person together, Give lots of energy to taekwondo world. Historical event. ㅂ.ㅅ. 힘던 일년반…

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