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By Vienna Austria ITF Head quarters – GM Woojin Jung Heart of Taekwon Do

This video made by Vienna Austria ITF Head quarters – Taekwondo History of Grandmaster Woojin Jung. GM Teaching 60 years (Hwan-Gup)환갑 1960 – 2020. Still 4 times a week teaching and enjoy. I’m not WTF/ITF I’m pioneer. I’m not South Korea/North Korea I’m Korean. 나는 남한도 북한도아닌 Korean 이며.ITF도 WTF도아닌 태권도 개척자임니다.

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Corona Virus to The World and US

Corona Virus to The World and US Our earth cried out, screamed for help you have not listened, you have turned a deaf ear. Our oceans are being polluted, fires, tornados, floods, hurricanes have raged our land. Adults mistake for next generation, someday children will ask us, how do we answer? Stop polluting the earth…

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New Life Fitness World & TKD Ribbon cutting

      Mr. Woojin Jung invites construction workers and their families to participate in the first ribbon cutting of New Life Fitness World & TKD in South Carolina 1979-2005. Mr. Jung wished to show his appreciation for the workers and to inspire pride in their hard work by giving a tour to their children…

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Happy New Year from Jung Family Foundation

At every year’s end my foundation sends out money to support various charity organizations in poor countries. Below is one of the children sponsored for clef palate surgery. We have done this to bring in a new beginning and happy new year every year for the last 15 years.

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Exciting Trip to Greenland!

I am so excited that Dr George Vitale and I have been invited to Greenland to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of Greenland Taekwon-Do! Grand Master Leong Wai Meng has created a martial arts dynamo in a country with the population of a small city, less than 60,000 total population. Over its 40 year history…

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    | This is the story of Woo-jin Jung’s life in America. Click on the picture above, or follow the link  HERE  

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    | GM Jung working for unification, ITF returns to homeland after 45 years. GM Jung greeted the ITF team and was their escort for 10 days until their departure.  

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by Jordee Kalk, KCRG – TV9     | CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) — An eastern Iowa man is going to be a part of Olympic coverage in South Korea during the winter Olympics. The Korean Broadcasting System is putting together a documentary on Woo Jin Jung. He’s the founder of Jung’s Tae Kwon Do…

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    | Living a busy life in this small town Iowa, the land of corns and beans, it has been 40 years already. It may be about time to leave here… With sending some air tickets to whom lived in far distance, I invested my dear 55 of the first and second year pioneer Black belt & Instructors…

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    | 1973-2016 The Jung’s Tae Kwon Do history room in the original dojang. This room represents the heart and spirit of the current and future members of the Jung’s Tae Kwon Do family. The family tree shows the generations of black belt instructors who have made Jung’s Tae Kwon Do a success. The…

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