Woo-jin Jung


Special Promotion Testing 9th, 8th Dan #286 October 9th, 2021

Jungs Taekwondo dojang 49 years in the same location. October 9th 2nd time Grandmaster test – Historical event!!!!! Corona virus caused a lot of stress we are ready for new Taekwondo spirit – energy – kick out virus. We are regular person together, Give lots of energy to taekwondo world. Historical event. ㅂ.ㅅ. 힘던 일년반…

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100 Year Old Celebration of My Sister

My sister celebrated her 100th birthday this week. Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions I was unable to make the trip to celebrate with her in person. However I did send a letter along with Korean traditional seaweed soup, red bean rice(미역국&찰밥), and vegetables to wish her a happy birthday! 누님 아직도 건강히 100세까지 보여주어서 고맙음니다.동생드림…

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로얄 이벤트 8, 9단 진급 시험

같은 자리에 49년 된 정태권도장. 10월 9일 2회 그랜드마스터 테스트 – 빅 이벤트!!!!! 코로나 바이러스로 인해 많은 스트레스를 받았고 새로운 태권도 정신-에너지-차단 바이러스를 준비하고 있습니다. 이것은 우리가 시, 군, 주, 태권도 학생, 친구 및 가족을 초대하는 가장 큰 행사입니다. 우리는 어린이, 성인, 남성과 여성, 아프리카 아메리카, 백인, 아시아인, 인도인, 모든 문화권, 부유한 도슨트 문제 에스코트를…

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The Journey of My Life

This is the story of Woo-jin Jung’s life in America. 2_붙임_정우진_태권도원 제출 자료_20200212 Click on the picture above, or follow the link  HERE  

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Made by Vienna Austria ITF Head quarters- Woojin Jung True Pioneer

This video made by Vienna Austria ITF Head quarters – Taekwondo History of Grandmaster Woojin Jung. GM Teaching 60 years (Hwan-Gup)환갑 1960 – 2020. Still 4 times a week teaching and enjoy. I’m not WTF/ITF I’m pioneer. I’m not South Korea/North Korea I’m Korean. 나는 남한도 북한도아닌 Korean 이며.ITF도 WTF도아닌 태권도 개척자임니다.

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Corona Virus to The World and US

Corona Virus to The World and US Our earth cried out, screamed for help you have not listened, you have turned a deaf ear. Our oceans are being polluted, fires, tornados, floods, hurricanes have raged our land. Adults mistake for next generation, someday children will ask us, how do we answer? Stop polluting the earth…

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